Client Testimonials


I highly recommend Richard Hurlburt's team due to their knowledge, hard work and research.

[Kenneth S. 02/19/2015]


I hope I could get him again as my lawyer. He did a great job for me in the past, saved our house!

[Marilou S. 06/01/2014]


Great tenant attorney! If you have a landlord/tenant case, this is the attorney for you. Knowledgeable, intelligent, but very easy to talk with. He will be a wonderful advocate for you.

[Lisa M. 05/02/2014]


Richard's a fantastic lawyer. My landlady decided to evict me, and I called a dozen lawyers. He asked me the smartest questions and seemed hopeful, unlike most of the others I spoke to. He did his work and saved my ass and then some. Highly recommended!

[Neil M. 04/12/2014]


When I and other tenants in my apartment building were in a serious jam while negotiating with our landlord, Mr. Hurlburt was recommended by a very prominent SF Attorney to handle a very thorny Landlord/Tenant matter. Mr. Hurlburt handled the matter and all tenants were very satisfied with how he conducted the negotiations. He is professional, knowledgeable, and very intelligent in such matters. I recommend the legal services of Richard Hurlburt in Landlord/Tenant issues.

[Alexys P. 03/23/2014]


Richard did a commendable job on my case. I highly recommend Richard as he is honest, direct, and knows San Francisco tenant's rights and the  associated legal framework as well as anyone in my opinion.   He successfully litigated a positive outcome in a set of circumstances that required an insightful and analytical approach. I have already referred him to others in need of legal representation.  He is a straight shooting, no nonsense lawyer.  Again, highly recommended.

[Michael O. 01/11/2014]


Richard has been great and won our case. For some context this was a fairly complex case that required a lot of research. Richard had to travel to a different district down to southern California to represent us. He had set the right expectations, explained all aspects that needed to be considered and helped us to gather all required documentation. Hopefully we do not have another case and won't need Richards help again, but we recommend Richard highly to anybody that needs representation in real estate cases.

[Thomas C. 11/19/2013]


I highly recommend Richard Hurlburt as your attorney for tenants rights in San Francisco.  I had a complicated situation and his knowledge and expertise as an attorney AND real estate agent was invaluable!  He helped me navigate the complex legal arena with an outcome that was better than imagined.  He was recommended to me by two attorneys familiar with his work saying "he's tough and he's smart".  I would add he is honest and highly ethical.  He consistently took time to talk with me and to provide detailed explanations.  He is a highly principled strong advocate for tenants rights.

[J.Y. 10/27/2013]


Hi yelpers, It's been way to long since I've been meaning to write a review. This is my first and most deserved review for me to write. I'm from Oakland and my and I had the worst imaginable landlord anyone could ever unfortunately have. Finally, after almost 2 years of unbearable torture we sought legal help. We could not afford to pay for legal advice,did research on the net and the Richard Hurlburt name popped up. We called him, he listened to our story and agreed to meet with us. To our surprise he a took on our case with no money up front, but told us it would be a long hard battle. We won! yeah!! after both Richard and his assistant atty. Jonathan Joiner worked very long and hard for us. Not to mention it was their first Oakland case, we made history together..hehe. We are both so grateful to them, when we called them, if they didn't answer, they always returned our calls promptly. If need you caring hard working lawyers, please seek out their services. Hi Richard and Jonathan long time no see... Thanks

[Hope J. 10/9/2012]


Richard Hurlburt and Jonathan Joiner are exceptionally excellent attorneys, and I have only the highest praise for their intelligence, strategic thinking, knowledge of the law, and overall righteousness in defending their clients against predatory landlords and illegal evictions. I strongly encourage anyone who needs information -- and more importantly, legal representation -- to call Richard's office before deciding on an attorney.

I had a particularly gnarly case involving multiple tenants who were fighting against an amoral and idiotic landlord... Each tenant wanted something different. Richard and Jonathan treated each of us with respect and with a keen sense of righting all that was wrong to the best outcome for our particular situation.

Jonathan and Richard worked with each of us separately and together and gave us all excellent advice and guidance over this multi-year nightmare. When the time came, they represented our cases with the utmost integrity and skill. In the end, the group settled the case with the landlord and his insurers. Richard and Jonathan worked on a contingency basis, and we EACH ended up with more than $100k in compensation after paying their extremely reasonable fees... I never write reviews - this is my first - but when someone is threatening your home, you need the best legal advice to protect and represent you. In the San Francisco Bay area, the best is the Law Office of Richard Hurlburt!

[Clare C. 6/14/2012]


Richard Hurlburt did one hell of a damn good job on our eviction -- new owners evicting us so they could (ostensibly) move in a family member, but (of course) simply wanting to get rid of the rent-control protected low-rent tenant... I would highly recommend the guy -- and indeed have done so to two friends since.

[M.K 6/12/2012]


I don't normally trust lawyers but from the moment I sought the services of Richard Hurlburt I was instantly convinced that he was the right person to take my case. my first impression was fantastic! I never looked back. He went way out of his way to assist me in matters both small and great. He is clearly a man who cares about justice and human rights. He and his associate Jonathan Joiner successfully won my wrongful eviction case. Richard is a man of tremendous integrity and I would recommend him unreservedly to those seeking justice.

[Leslie Z. 6/12/2012]


Can't get your landlord to make needed repairs to your apartment? Fed up with harassment by him and/or his building manager? You need Attorney Richard Hurlburt... The firm has a practiced method for winning cases. The daily responsibilities are handled by Associate Attorney Benjamin Humphreys or Jonathan Joiner. In my case, this proved to be Humphreys. He's low-keyed, straightforward and quickly wins the confidence of mediators and judges... Hurlburt, like a veteran general, reserves his appearances for when his even greater legal expertise is most needed: Negotiating at mediation and settlement conferences.

It's vital that you feel comfortable with the attorney you hire... So if you're ready to stand up for your rights as a tenant--and need solid legal help in doing so--give Richard Hurlburt a call. Your slumlord may never be the same.

[Sten V. 7/6/2011]


For five years I searched for an attorney and no one would take my case seriously. Mr. Hurlburt listened, offered his services as counsel on very reasonable terms and reassured me that I would be properly represented. His sensible advice and quiet, confident demeanor gave me the peace of mind I needed to get through the process. If you find yourself involved in a tenant/landlord dispute, I highly recommend Richard Hurburt to be your champion!

[Ualtar O. 10/04/2010]


Richard helped me with my eviction case in San Mateo County. I was given a 60 day notice to move while I was out of town dealing with a death in my family. He immediately got on it. I totally trusted him. He listened to my ideas too. I was forced to move due to the fact that San Mateo county evictions do not need a cause. Unlike SF. But I was able to stay in my apartment for an additional 2 months because he negotiated with the landlords attorney to waive the past due rent. I also received most of my deposit back. Richard is really a nice guy he even returned part of my retainer. In all, I think Richard is a great tenant attorney that you will want on your side. Can't say enough good things about my experience. I am now settled into a new apartment and everything is ok. Thank you Richard Hurlburt.

[Cynthia W. 4/5/2010]