Tenant Rights

San Francisco Tenant Rights Attorneys - We prosecute affirmative lawsuits against bad landlords for: wrongful eviction, harassment, retaliation, elder abuse, habitability, nuisance, and breach of contract. We take tenant rights seriously. We never represent landlords.

Wrongful Eviction

Your long-term rent-controlled tenancy is a valuable commodity. Wrongful eviction cases (where the tenant actually loses possession of a rent-controlled apartment) are often worth over a hundred thousand dollars. The better individual unit cases are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is a dynamic and constantly changing area of law. Our attorneys have been representing wrongfully evicted tenants for almost 20 years. Call us now for a free case evaluation.

Tenants Buying Real Estate

When a tenant purchases his or her apartment, the result is a win-win-win-win, for the landlord, the tenant, the building and the community. We represent tenants and other first-time home buyers. Mr. Hurlburt holds a broker's license from the Calif. Bureau of Real Estate and enjoys helping tenants purchase their units rather than get evicted. Such opportunities typically arise during TIC or condominium conversions, when apartment buildings go up for sale, or when tenants have a lease-option or rent-to-own agreement. Tenants in foreclosed homes should consider buying from the bank. Ideally, the tenants buy before the property goes for sale on the open market. Since June 2013 most tenants in condo-converting buildings are entitled to a lifetime lease or the right to purchase their unit. Such tenants should contact a qualified attorney right away.

Foreclosure Alert

Tenants are NOT subject to automatic eviction just because the building was sold at a Trustee Sale. Unfortunately, some banks and insurance companies blatantly ignore tenants rights. Some even pretend they don't know tenants are living in their buildings. We have been successful suing banks (and sometimes even their lawyers) for such practices. We have also been successful defending unlawful detainer cases where banks are unable (or unwilling) to prove they had the right to conduct a trustee sale.

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